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DeepSig Achieves Industry’s First AI-Native 5G Call & Why You Should Care

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🔖 Topics: 5G, Artificial Intelligence

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While AI is already used today to help manage wireless networks, AI’s usage in directly learning the signal processing algorithms to transmit and receive wireless signals is unprecedented. Proving AI’s advantages and implementations in 5G radio access components has started now with DeepSig’s AI software demonstrated in the industry’s first 5G AI-Native end-to-end call. DeepSig applies a leading form of AI called deep learning, uniquely implemented inside the physical layer of a 5GNR radio access network. The AI enhanced 5G network performs live over-the-air 5G data connections between smartphones and the internet. This not only proved a deep neural network can be implemented into a working 5G radio access network but more importantly demonstrates reduced processing load and power consumption, reduced latency, and improved signal quality and coverage.

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