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Deloitte’s Global ER&I specialists provide integrated solutions to the Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power, Utilities & Renewables, Mining & Metals, and Industrial Products & Construction sectors offering deep industry knowledge and a global network.

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The Smart Factory @ Wichita: Deloitte’s new immersive learning center

Deloitte Launches Unlimited Reality: An Experience and Impact Offering for Virtual Worlds


Topics: Metaverse

Organizations: Deloitte

Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality offering is designed to help clients understand and capitalize on the next massive wave disrupting business and society, and to equip executives with the strategies, tools and technologies they need to fully exploit virtual worlds and virtual economies. It provides guidance for businesses on how to transform industrial operations through physically-accurate digital twins, to monetize digital assets and engage customers using Web3 architectures, and to imagine and optimize new workplace models that combine humans and machines. The studio’s name is a reference to the tenth dimension. In theoretical physics, the tenth and final dimension captures the unlimited possibility of the universe in a single point, much like the promise of virtual worlds does for clients.

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Designing the modern digital function


Authors: Deepak Sharma, Faruk Muratovic, Maximilian Shroeck, Anne Kwan

Topics: digital transformation

Organizations: Deloitte

To make digital industrial transformation a reality, a company needs both a nerve center and a dedicated digital function. Creating an operational structure is key, and this article suggests how leaders can make it happen.

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