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Deloitte’s Global ER&I specialists provide integrated solutions to the Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power, Utilities & Renewables, Mining & Metals, and Industrial Products & Construction sectors offering deep industry knowledge and a global network.

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Deloitte and UiPath Expand Strategic Alliance with New SAP Delivery Framework to Accelerate Clients’ Business Transformation

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Deloitte, UiPath, SAP

Deloitte and UiPath (NYSE: PATH) today announced an alliance expansion to accelerate the transformation of their clients’ businesses through a new focus on bringing AI-powered Intelligent Automation solutions to SAP implementations and operations. The expansion will serve as a catalyst to develop an innovative AI-led delivery methodology and new solutions for autonomous business operations, accelerating their joint clients’ SAP S/4HANA® transformation goals. As a part of this expansion, UiPath and Deloitte will create a first-of-its-kind co-innovation market collaboration, combining Deloitte’s SAP implementation skillset and deep AI talent pool with UiPath’s AI and automation technology.

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Transforming Semiconductor Yield Management with AWS and Deloitte

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🔖 Topics: Cloud Computing, Manufacturing Analytics, Data Architecture

🏭 Vertical: Semiconductor

🏢 Organizations: AWS, Deloitte

Together, AWS and Deloitte have developed a reference architecture to enable the aforementioned yield management capabilities. The architecture, shown in Figure 1, depicts how to collect, store, analyze and act on the yield related data throughout the supply chain. The following describes how the modernized yield management architecture enables the six capabilities discussed earlier.

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Inside Deloitte's Smart Factory in Wichita, Kansas

Accelerating the future of smart manufacturing with Deloitte and Siemens

Deloitte and Siemens Model-Based Enterprise: Now, Near, Far

HAYAT HOLDING uses Amazon SageMaker to increase product quality and optimize manufacturing output, saving $300,000 annually

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✍️ Author: Neslihan Erdogan

🔖 Topics: Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing

🏢 Organizations: HAYAT HOLDING, AWS, Deloitte

In this post, we share how HAYAT HOLDING—a global player with 41 companies operating in different industries, including HAYAT, the world’s fourth-largest branded diaper manufacturer, and KEAS, the world’s fifth-largest wood-based panel manufacturer—collaborated with AWS to build a solution that uses Amazon SageMaker Model Training, Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning, and Amazon SageMaker Model Deployment to continuously improve operational performance, increase product quality, and optimize manufacturing output of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood panels.

Quality prediction using ML is powerful but requires effort and skill to design, integrate with the manufacturing process, and maintain. With the support of AWS Prototyping specialists, and AWS Partner Deloitte, HAYAT HOLDING built an end-to-end pipeline. Product quality prediction and adhesive consumption recommendation results can be observed by field experts through dashboards in near-real time, resulting in a faster feedback loop. Laboratory results indicate a significant impact equating to savings of $300,000 annually, reducing their carbon footprint in production by preventing unnecessary chemical waste.

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The Smart Factory @ Wichita: Deloitte’s new immersive learning center

Deloitte Launches Unlimited Reality: An Experience and Impact Offering for Virtual Worlds

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🔖 Topics: Metaverse

🏢 Organizations: Deloitte

Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality offering is designed to help clients understand and capitalize on the next massive wave disrupting business and society, and to equip executives with the strategies, tools and technologies they need to fully exploit virtual worlds and virtual economies. It provides guidance for businesses on how to transform industrial operations through physically-accurate digital twins, to monetize digital assets and engage customers using Web3 architectures, and to imagine and optimize new workplace models that combine humans and machines. The studio’s name is a reference to the tenth dimension. In theoretical physics, the tenth and final dimension captures the unlimited possibility of the universe in a single point, much like the promise of virtual worlds does for clients.

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Designing the modern digital function

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✍️ Authors: Deepak Sharma, Faruk Muratovic, Maximilian Shroeck, Anne Kwan

🔖 Topics: digital transformation

🏢 Organizations: Deloitte

To make digital industrial transformation a reality, a company needs both a nerve center and a dedicated digital function. Creating an operational structure is key, and this article suggests how leaders can make it happen.

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