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The DENSO brand is built on delivering more Quality, Reliability, and Value than any other manufacturer. Whether supplying the world’s automakers with reliable OE parts, or developing aftermarket replacement parts at or above spec, DENSO’s line of products are built to deliver superior all-around performance every day.

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DENSO reduce component simulation time by 80 percent using its Simcenter 3D and NX integrated process

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🔖 Topics: Simulation

🏭 Vertical: Automotive

🏢 Organizations: DENSO, Siemens

A major challenge today is to improve productivity in the design and simulation of automotive parts. Even before the rise of software solutions, designers focused on geometry and turned to analysts to test and validate performance. However, simulation teams have always been much smaller than design teams – creating a bottleneck in the development process.

With Siemens tools, DENSO saw an opportunity to streamline the traditional workflow between design and engineering analysis, uniting the disciplines. This was particularly true for component design and analysis where simulation processes are more routine. DENSO’s goal was to reduce or eliminate the iteration with a new workflow.

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