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Fizyr Announces Strategic Partnership with DERO GROEP to Revolutionize Robotic Automation for Advanced Picking

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Fizyr, providing the smartest and fastest vision AI for robotic systems, announces a new strategic partnership with DERO GROEP, a renowned expert in food processing, the convenience goods market, and robotic automation solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of highly efficient automation in complex, high-variability tasks within food processing and logistics sectors.

Fizyr empowers systems and robotics integrators with its industry-leading vision AI and other resources needed to automate the most intricate tasks in dynamic environments. Combining with DERO GROEP’s deep expertise and stellar reputation in automation solutions drives remarkable advancements in tailor-made production automation.

Fizyr’s approach to supervised machine learning, featuring cascade learning, is a game-changer in the industry. This method streamlines and accelerates robotic performance, drastically reducing the typical 3-20% error rates associated with high-variability tasks. With success rates in mature applications reaching 99.99%, Fizyr’s technology ensures robotic mistakes are a rarity, often occurring just once in every 10,000 picks.

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