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Primary Location Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Financial Status VC-B; Prosus Ventures, Accel, Elevation Capital, Shell Ventures, Bharat Innovation Fund, and Bluehill Capital

We spent years looking into the existing gaps in process industries – the siloed data, disparate systems, lack of real-time information, and so much more. With innovation and cutting-edge technology at the core, we aim to bring complete industrial automation through patented hardware and industrial AI.Our unique suite of products and services is indigenously researched and designed with the customer in mind. We unite energy, experience, and modern technology to build state-of-the-art systems for the industrial ecosystem. Detect Technologies harnesses AI, advanced robotics, IoT-enabled sensors, AR/VR, and computer vision – to connect and unify your data, workforce, equipment, and processes.

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Industrial AI enterprise Detect Technologies raises $28mn in Series B funding led by Prosus Ventures

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Detect Technologies, a leading AI-based SaaS enterprise, announced today that it raised $28 Mn in primary and secondary funding. Detect Technologies provides cloud-based applications to industries to automate and enhance visibility of industrial risks and improve productivity. Prosus Ventures led this round with significant participation from existing investors Accel and Elevation Capital, and continued support from other existing investors—Shell Ventures, Bharat Innovation Fund and Bluehill Capital.

Detect Technologies has grown rapidly to become a leading industrial AI and SaaS enterprise. The company will utilize this capital to further expand and strengthen its sales and operations across international markets in North America and Europe. Operating in the fast-evolving space of AI, the company has also allocated funds for enriching its product suite.

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