Dexory (BotsAndUs)

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Primary Location London, England, United Kingdom

Financial Status VC-Seed; Lakestar, Maersk

Access real-time insights by using our autonomous robots to measure, track and find goods without workflow disruption.

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Dexory raises $19M for its robot-powered warehouse monitoring platform

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🏢 Organizations: Dexory, Atomico, Maersk

The Series A round was led by Atomico with participation from several returning investors. Among returning investors was the venture capital arm of logistics giant Maersk A/S. Maersk is also a customer.

Dexory uses internally developed robots to scan warehouse shelves automatically and measure how much merchandise they hold. To reach goods located on high shelves, the startup’s robots can extend their height to 12 meters or about 39 feet. According to Dexory, its technology enables companies to perform warehouse scans up to 1,000 times faster than is possible with traditional approaches. The robots use depth cameras and lidar devices to map out the goods in a company’s warehouses. Its machines’ sensors can detect not only large items such as pallets and parcels but also barcodes. The robots send the data they collect to a cloud-based application called DexoryView. It generates a visualization of warehouse shelves that logistics teams can review to understand inventory availability.

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BotsAndUs secures $13M in Seed financing led by Lakestar for its warehouse data intelligence platform with autonomous robots

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🏢 Organizations: Dexory, Lakestar, Maersk

BotsAndUs, a cutting-edge intelligence and robotics company has secured $13m in seed funding to expand its logistics-disrupting solution globally. Lakestar leads the round, with participation from Maersk Growth, Kindred Capital, and Capnamic.

BotsAndUs already won key customers across various industries. In addition to Maersk and Huboo, BotsAndUs works with Menzies Aviation, the air cargo company that services more than 200 airport locations, – including at Europe’s largest airport, London Heathrow. The company recently entered into a partnership with Maersk – the global integrator of container logistics, to collaborate with Maersk’s warehousing and contract logistics division, initially in one of their warehouses, exploring automating inventory management and acceptance processes, and with time to improve customers’ visibility and access to inventory across facilities. With the fresh capital, BotsAndUs is targeting markets including Germany, France, Nordics, USA, and Canada and driving product development.

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