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Doosan—a combined word of “doo (a measuring unit of grains)” and “san (mountain)”—means “little grains of sand that together make a mountain.”Our name reflects our belief that a greater achievement can be made when everyone involved unites.Throughout its 126-year history, Doosan People have lived by our beliefs and philosophy that we can achieve a greater goal when we join forcesThe forthcoming stories about Doosan will be filled with Doosan’s dream of contributing to creating a better future for humanity.

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Doosan Robotics Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations at CES 2024

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Driving Doosan Robotics’ versatility within the robotics field is its introduction of Dart-Suite, a next generation robot ecosystem redefining the robot experience. The scalable platform enhances the capabilities of cobots by effortlessly incorporating AI, all while making the advanced technology accessible to the general public.

Utilizing Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Dart-Suite allows consumers to create modules tailored to their needs, much like mobile device apps. The robust software platform dramatically reduces the development time by up to 80%. Working with Dart-Suite is comparable to the ease and usability of smartphones, shaping the user experience for a new era of robotics.

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🦾 Doosan Robotics to develop GPT-based collaborative robots

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🏢 Organizations: Doosan, Microsoft, Open AI

Doosan Robotics, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Doosan Group specializing in robot solutions, is venturing into the development of collaborative robot solutions using AI-based GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) technology to enhance its software capabilities.

Doosan Robotics announced it has entered into a business agreement with Microsoft and Doosan Digital Innovation to develop a GPT-based robot control system” utilizing Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service. Azure OpenAI provides cloud services that include cutting-edge open AI systems, including GPT.

Doosan Robotics plans to apply GPT to its collaborative robots, enabling them to autonomously correct errors and perform tasks. Once the solution is developed, programming time will be reduced, leading to improved operational efficiency and utility.

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🦾 Rockwell Automation and Doosan Unite to Form Partnership

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Rockwell Automation announced signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Seoul-based Doosan Robotics (along with parent company Doosan Corporation), focusing on integrating the companies’ controllers and robots.

Under the agreement, Rockwell and Doosan also aim to innovate and create advanced technologies for smart factory establishment, automation facilities, and other customer-focused application areas. In addition to the Rockwell-Doosan MoU, 23 other MoUs were signed between South Korean and U.S. entities.

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