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Battery production: Dürr provides CATL with innovative technology for electrode production

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The Dürr Group continues its expansion in the new business field of battery production. The mechanical and plant engineering firm is delivering an innovative technology for the sustainable manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. This will be used in CATL’s plant that is currently being built in Arnstadt, situated in the German state of Thuringia. CATL highly focuses on resource reusability and sustainability. The order placed in early 2022 comprises several systems based on an eco-friendly process for solvent recovery in production. This prevents tens of thousands of tons of CO2 from being generated every year and enables the solvent to be reused multiple times. The CATL plant in Thuringia is the Chinese world market leader’s first production site in Europe. In the wake of electromobility, production capacities for lithium-ion batteries in Europe are expected to increase significantly over the coming years.

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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Paint Shop Robots

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Häcker says that factories in the automotive industry have “enormous amounts of latent data about manufacturing processes, raw materials, and products. The key to leveraging these data assets is connectivity with the right interface at the control level to get at the information provided by robots, ovens, cathodic electrocoating systems or conveyor technology. Operators in existing plants are often constrained because most of their systems do not have connectivity and the right interface for data acquisition.”

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