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Dyndrite Partners with AMFG to Streamline Production with Automated Nesting.

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🏢 Organizations: Dyndrite, AMFG

Dyndrite is partnering with AMFG to leverage our award-winning automated workflow software to enable the automated 3D nesting of CAD files, streamlining their pre-production process. Commenting on the successful integration of the project, Sven Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting, AMFG, stated; “As a leading automation solution, we recognize the transformative power of Dyndrite’s automated nesting and build preparation capabilities for additive manufacturing. The efficiency gains brought about by Dyndrite’s cutting-edge technology have revolutionized our workflow, allowing our customers to optimize material usage, reduce production time, and ultimately deliver superior results to our clients. Dyndrite’s commitment to advancing the additive manufacturing landscape aligns seamlessly with our goal of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions. Together, we’re shaping the future of manufacturing by harnessing the full potential of automation in the additive process.”

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Dyndrite and SLM Solutions set to cooperate on full support for SLM Solutions metal 3D printing machines

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🏢 Organizations: Dyndrite, SLM Solutions

Dyndrite has announced a collaboration with SLM Solutions to support the SLM file format within Dyndrite’s Application Development Kit (ADK). SLM says that through Dyndrite, its customers will be able to design parameters based on unique aspects, or their unique needs, developing new IP, protecting any know-how, and gaining competitive advantage.

Dyndrite’s ADK provides GPU-powered 3D CAD-to-print software development. The company also provides the software power for generating toolpaths and rasterizing 3D data for additive manufacturing processes, including photopolymers and laser powder bed. Also, through an integrated Python API, the company says it brings full automation of CAD-to-print data workflows at a speed that can meet challenging data requirements.

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