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E-peas - Electronic portableenergy autonomous systems. E-peas provides industry leading energy harvesting and processing solutions - AEMs & Microcontrollers - to give infinite battery life to your wireless device by increasing the amount of harvested energy and by drastically reducing the energy consumption of all power consuming blocs of the system.

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Energy Harvesting Startups Could Power Some IoT Dreams

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โœ๏ธ Author: Dan Jones

๐Ÿ”– Topics: IIoT, energy harvesting

๐Ÿข Organizations: Everactive, e-peas, Nowi

Removing batteries from the industrial equation cuts costs and reduces the hours that people spend replacing them. Using batteryless equipment in industrial and consumer settings could also greatly reduce the number of batteries that are thrown into landfills around the globe. It is estimated that 3 billion batteries a year are discarded in the U.S. alone!

For instance, Everactive argues that if you were to deploy 10,000 battery-powered industrial IoT sensors across your facility to transmit real-time data about the health of your machinery, over time your team would be replacing around 2,000 batteries a year. Many of these sensors would be located in difficult-to-reach areas, further increasing the time and expense needed to replace the chemical cells.

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Airbus leads major โ‚ฌ8m investment in energy harvesting chip designer

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๐Ÿ”– Topics: funding event

๐Ÿข Organizations: e-peas, Airbus

This funding round was led by existing investors Airbus Ventures and French venture capital fund Partech, with KBC Focus Fund, W.IN.G, Noshaq Ventures, LeanSquare, Nivelinvest and Vives also contributing and brings the total investment to $13.2m.

The company sees tens of billions of connected IoT and edge computing devices starting to be deployed and activity will keep on ramping up in the decades ahead. Reliance on disposable batteries in this context is simply impractical, with heavy network maintenance costs being incurred (as depleted batteries will need replacing periodically), along with huge damage to the environment.

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e-peas raises โ‚ฌ3.5m for energy harvesting power management

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๐Ÿ”– Topics: funding event

๐Ÿข Organizations: e-peas

E-Peas first device, the AEM10940 energy harvesting IC, is already in the market, and the company has been working closely with solar cell developer Lightricity. E-Peas said it would use the latest funds to expand the engineering workforce and global business development. The money would also allow the company to explore product propositions and partnerships in application areas including industrial monitoring, home automation, smart agriculture, assets tracking, healthcare, smart metering and wearables, it said.

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