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Arsenal's Automation Solutions Platform Rebranded as Invio Automation

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🏢 Organizations: Arsenal Capital Partners, Eckhart, Invio Automation

Arsenal Capital Partners (“Arsenal”), a leading private equity firm that specializes in investments in industrial growth and healthcare companies, today announced the rebranding of its advanced automation solutions platform to Invio Automation (“Invio”). Formed through a combination of Eckhart, Inc. and Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc., Invio Automation provides high-value solutions to help customers accelerate growth in specialized markets including medical device, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

With its scaled engineering resources and end-to-end expertise in complex automation, the company aims to serve a targeted portfolio of growth markets supported by recognized and sustainable macro tailwinds. Invio works closely with innovative companies to design, build, implement, and maintain automation solutions in high-precision applications, leveraging a proven design library and over 500 experienced team members across 9 sites in North America and a global network of collaborative partners.

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AGVs for Automating Heavy Load Manufacturing Conveyance

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For right now’s heavy producers, conveyance automation methods should be extraordinarily sturdy and able to transporting high-capacity payloads, but additionally ship the excessive ranges of flexibility, security and scalability anticipated from right now’s cell robotic methods. Trendy automated guided automobiles can do exactly that.

Trendy automated guided automobiles mix the capabilities set of autonomous cell robots – flexibility, security and scalability – with the load capability of towline conveyors. As such, they supply producers with the most effective of each worlds, a cheap, versatile, heavy load conveyance answer for manufacturing construct traces designed for manufacturing as it’s performed right now, and that may meet the manufacturing calls for of tomorrow.

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