Eclipse Automation

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Compact, Flexible System Assembles Transmission Pumps

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🏭 Vertical: Machinery

🏒 Organizations: Beckhoff Automation, Eclipse Automation

To stay on the leading edge, Eclipse engineers constantly research new technologies to help their customers succeed. β€œWe test all kinds of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, remote training, virtual reality for maintenance systems, and any components that add precision and flexibility,” says Jeff Werner, general manager for Eclipse, based in Cambridge, ON. β€œOne technology that has proven particularly important to us is linear transport systems.”

To make this advanced functionality possible, TwinCAT 3 automation software was critical. The universal engineering and run-time platform from Beckhoff allowed Eclipse engineers to program G code that enables the XTS and Beckhoff AM8000 servomotors to perform coordinated motion for high precision dispensing. In addition, Eclipse took advantage of the capability to program with the object-oriented extensions of IEC 61131-3, predefined and custom function blocks, and computer science standards found in Microsoft Visual Studio.

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