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Expedition Growth Capital and EIFO invest $16 Million in Factbird to boost international growth

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The Danish tech company Factbird, which supplies intelligent, cloud-based technology for the optimization of manufacturers production lines, has once again landed a large multi-million dollar investment. This time, it is USD 16 million. The money comes from the English capital fund Expedition Growth Capital and Denmark’s Export and Investment Fund, EIFO. The funds will help Factbird’s international expansion after its 2021 separation from consulting firm Emendo Consulting Group as an independent tech company.

Factbird has grown by 300% since 2021. The customer portfolio today counts more than 250+ companies within the pharmaceutical, packaging, industrial equipment and devices, and food and beverage industries across the key markets in the Nordics, USA, Germany, and England.

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EIFO and Novo Holdings lead €14M round in Power-to-Peroxide pioneer HPNow

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HPNow, the pioneer in electrification of the hydrogen peroxide industry, announced the successful closing of a €14M round. The equity round is led by The Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO) together with Novo Holdings. Other investors in the round include MatiTech – a sustainable water treatment solution provider in Sub Sahara, and existing investors Evonik Venture Capital and AP Ventures.

HPNow’s breakthrough electrochemical technology enables the safe and sustainable generation of a powerful green oxidant directly on site, using only water and electricity as inputs. The output solution breaks down to pure water and oxygen following use. HPNow is bringing to market a greener alternative to the conventional fossil-fuel based centralized production, transportation and handling of bulk hydrogen peroxide, offsetting as much as three tons of CO2eq per ton of hydrogen peroxide generated on site, compared to standard production techniques.

Proceeds from this round of financing will primarily be used towards the scaling up of HPNow’s marketing, sales, technical support and production capacity, in order to address growing market demand.

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