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A Data Architecture to assist Geologists in Real-Time Operations

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✍️ Author: Nicola Lamonaca

πŸ”– Topics: Data Architecture

🏭 Vertical: Petroleum and Coal

🏒 Organizations: Eni, Databricks

Data plays a crucial role in making exploration and drilling operations for Eni a success all over the world. Our geologists use real-time well data collected by sensors installed on drilling pipes to keep track and to build predictive models of key properties during the drilling process.

Data is delivered by a custom dispatcher component designed to connect to a WITSML Server on all oil rigs and send time-indexed and / or depth-indexed data to any supported applications. In our case, data is delivered to Azure ADLS Gen2 in the format of WITSML files, each accompanied by a JSON file for additional custom metadata.

The visualizations generated from this data platform are used both on the oil rigs and in HQ, with operators exploring the curves enriched by the ML models as soon as they’re generated on a web application made in-house, which shows in real time how the drilling is progressing. Additionally, it is possible to explore historic data via the same application.

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