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After seven years bootstrapped, IntegrityNext takes on €100 million via EQT Growth

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IntegrityNext has raised €100 million via EQT Growth in a round that will see the company leverage its investors’ expertise and connections in order to solidify its market position in Germany. Additionally, IntegrityNext aims to expand its product offer in order to meet upcoming European regulations including Germany’s LkSG and the EU’s CSRD.

With its software solution that aims to help businesses meet regulatory ESG requirements, manage ESG risks and improve supply chain sustainability, IntegrityNext (I presume that’s right after SerenityNow?) counts more than 200 clients including Siemens Gamesa, Infineon, SwissRe, Kion, and Hilti amongst its client base, a figure that the company claims makes it one of the leading ESG certification software players in Europe.

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