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Protecting workers in industrial settings calls for solutions that do more than just monitor and report. It demands technologies that protect and empower. That’s why the team at Everguard.ai developed Worker-Centric AITM, the first artificial intelligence platform to create a conscious environment powered by sensor fusion that senses distress and danger long before a human can. Our revolutionary technology creates a Sentri ZoneTM with workers at the center, protecting them 24/7/365 in the most complex industrial environments. Not only alerting but saving lives and forging a new environment for industrial sustainability – one that finally puts workers at the center.

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How a startup uses AI to put worker safety first

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Everguard.ai, a startup based in Irvine, California, combines AI, computer vision, and sensor fusion to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents by preventing them before they happen. The company’s SENTRI360 platform proves effective in preventing workplace injuries and operational downtimes at several steel-heavy manufacturing companies, including Zekelman Industries and SeAH Besteel.

Everguard’s CEO, Sandeep Pandya shared details about workers’ privacy, given the massive amount of data it captures and analyzes at client sites. “The most important thing is to give shop floor workers and their leaders the complete visibility into how the data collected is used. Our implementation teams work with them and provide complete access to our systems, how data is anonymized for specific tasks, and how we are careful to protect each workers’ identity,” Sandeep said.

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