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Better spinach through AI: Tokyo startup automates seedling selection

📅 Date:

✍️ Author: Mai Kitagawa

🔖 Topics: Machine Learning

🏭 Vertical: Agriculture

🏢 Organizations: Farmship, Pi Material Design

A Japanese agricultural startup has developed technology that uses artificial intelligence to assess the growth and potential of spinach seedlings, aiming to reduce food loss by increasing yields and efficiency.

The AI system has two parts. The first uses photographs to estimate the height, width and weight of seedlings grown in plant factories. The other predicts future growth using an index developed by Farmship. The first eliminates seedlings that are obviously not growing well, and the other narrows the remaining seedlings to only superior ones, making harvesting easier. In trials, the ratio of seedlings that grew properly increased to 80%, from 54% using standard methods. This corresponds to a 17% harvest increase.

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