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Fast Radius is on a mission to change manufacturing and logistics for the better. We’ve combined our Cloud Manufacturing Platform™ and our expert team to make the entire process smarter and easier. We’re making new things possible in manufacturing so you can make new things possible for the world.

Assembly Line

When to use 3D printing for mass production


Author: Izzy De La Guardia

Topics: Additive Manufacturing

Organizations: Fast Radius

You should consider using 3D printing for mass production if: You need to produce customized goods, You need to start or shift production quickly, You need to meet variable demand, You’re planning a low-volume production run, You have a complex part that would be otherwise unmakeable.

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Why Manufacturers are Abandoning Just-In-Time


Author: John Nanry

Organizations: Fast Radius

The problem is that organizations are following JIT manufacturing principles in a way that can’t keep up with expectations in today’s supply chain. Nearly half of respondents (48 percent) have moved away from JIT, with the majority making the change during the pandemic. This is no surprise, as respondents’ top supply chain pain points correspond to the greatest weaknesses of JIT.


3D Printing Drives Growth In On-Demand Manufacturing


Author: Carolyn Schwaar

Topics: Additive Manufacturing, Cloud Manufacturing

Organizations: Fast Radius, Fathom

This new breed of on-demand digital manufacturing company is highly invested in software and digitally driven manufacturing technologies, such as industrial 3D printing. They not only promise faster and more efficient part manufacturing locally, but digital solutions that enable cost-saving product innovations and accelerated time to market for nearly any type of product.

The company’s newest microfactory on Chicago’s Goose Island features industrial 3D printers from Carbon and HP along side digitally integrated CNC machines, as part of Fast Radius’ Cloud Manufacturing Platform. The microfactory will produce component parts for companies across industries including electric vehicles, medical and healthcare devices, and consumer goods. The World Economic Forum named Fast Radius one of nine best factories in the world implementing “technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution” or Industry 4.0.

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