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On our first day of operations, we delivered 186 packages. Now, we deliver millions every day, all over the globe. Collaboration and innovation fueled our growth. Dedication to an outstanding customer experience drives us to where now meets next.

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Dexterity AI and FedEx Unveil First-of-its-Kind Robotics Trailer Loading Technology

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๐Ÿ”– Topics: Robot Truck Loading

๐Ÿข Organizations: Dexterity AI, FedEx

Dexterity AI today announced a collaboration with FedEx Corp., to leverage AI-powered robotic technology to load boxes into trucks and trailers. Truck loading has long been considered one of the most challenging tasks in parcel hubs. Manual loading is taxing and previous technology approaches have not been able to handle the complex decision making required to stack the wide range of shipments encountered in FedEx network, which vary in size, shape, weight, and packaging material.

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๐Ÿ”‹ Lyten Raises $200M in Series B Equity Round

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๐Ÿข Organizations: Lyten, Prime Movers Lab, Stellantis, FedEx, Honeywell

Lyten, Inc, a pioneer in 3D graphene decarbonizing supermaterials, announced it has raised $200 million as part of its over-subscribed Series B funding round to scale manufacturing and commercialize its first three product lines: Lithium-Sulfur batteries, lightweighted composites, and next generation IoT sensors.

The round is led by Prime Movers Lab, a venture capital firm focused on investments in breakthrough scientific startups and has $1.2B in assets under management. Prime Movers Lab is joined with significant participation from strategic investors and sector leaders Stellantis (previously announced), FedEx Corporation, Honeywell, and Walbridge Aldinger Company. Additional strategic, venture capital and individual investors make up the remainder of the round.

In June, Lyten announced the opening of its first Lithium-Sulfur battery automated pilot plant in San Jose, CA. They are on target to produce commercial cells by year-end 2023 and begin shipping to early adopting customers for revenue in early 2024. The remaining space on the pilot line is expected to be allocated before the end of the year, including allocation to Stellantis and additional auto OEMs for cell testing. Lyten intends to break ground on scaled-up 3D Graphene and Lithium-Sulfur battery manufacturing facilities in 2024 in the US. Lyten targets a fully domestic supply chain to deliver Lithium-Sulfur batteries with greater energy density than lithium-ion but without NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) or graphite.

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How FedEx Dataworks is using analytics, AI to fortify supply chains

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๐Ÿข Organizations: FedEx

FedEx Dataworks combines the companyโ€™s digital and physical networks to create a scalable platform of interconnected data, insights and information. Itโ€™s designed to improve supply chain visibility and increase predictability by capturing real-time data about every package, shipment, delivery route, environmental condition, customer delivery location, and delivery date.

One of the best examples of how the Dataworksโ€™ platform adds value for customers is the Package Fingerprint. The Fingerprint solution was created as a core feature of a customer-facing solution called Surround, which was designed to deliver predictive analytics and real-time information to customers about the network, package and environment in order to mitigate risk throughout the package lifecycle.

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๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ“ฆ Berkshire Grey and FedEx expand their robotic automation solutions partnership

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โœ๏ธ Author: David Edwards

๐Ÿ”– Topics: Partnership

๐Ÿข Organizations: Berkshire Grey, FedEx

As part of the expansion of this relationship, Berkshire Grey and FedEx have entered into an agreement for new development activities that will provide broader AI robotic automation capabilities to help improve the safety and efficiency of FedEx package handling operations globally.

Additionally, Berkshire Grey has granted FedEx a warrant to purchase common stock which vests incrementally, subject to certain terms including the ordering of and payment for Berkshire Grey AI-enabled robotic automation goods and services at any time prior to December 31, 2025, with full vesting of all 25 million shares subject to the warrant upon the ordering of or payment for at least $200 million of such goods and services.

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