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FERNRIDE is on the mission of solving two major challenges: a drivers shortage and the huge negative impact of transportation on the environment. With over 10 years of research and high-profile partners, such as Volkswagen, DB Schenker and B/S/H, we are delivering the future of automated logistics today. Our unique approach is gradual autonomy with teleoperation first, allowing our drivers – known as teleoperators – to fully control electric vehicles without actually sitting in them. Fernride was spun out in 2019 by Hendrik Kramer, Dr. Maximilian Fisser and Jean-Michael Georg after ten years of research at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and quickly attracted venture capital (>€10M 2021), customers and talents - becoming a European technology champion.

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🚛 FERNRIDE raises $31 million to scale operations and advance its teleoperated trucking platform

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German autonomous trucking company FERNRIDE announces it has raised $31 million in Series A funding. Customers include Volkswagen, DB Schenker, BSH, and HHLA, operating over 1,000-yard trucks in Europe alone. Yard trucks operate on private sites, moving cargo from A to B, such as moving containers between two halls on-site at a one to two-kilometre distance 100 times a day.

FERNRIDE is funded by venture capital firms 10x Founders, Promus Ventures, Fly Ventures, Speedinvest, and Push Ventures, along with corporate investors, such as HHLA Next, DB Schenker via Schenker Ventures and Krone. The latest funding will be used to scale FERNRIDE’s operations with existing and new customers globally and boost its technological development.

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