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Desktop Metal Now Shipping the Figur G15 – a Digital Sheet Metal Forming Machine that Eliminates the Need for Custom Tooling

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Desktop Metal, a global leader in Additive Manufacturing 2.0 technologies for mass production,announced the first commercial shipments of the Figur G15, an innovative Digital Sheet Forming (DSF) machine tool, to Saltworks Fab, a Florida-based automotive restoration and hot rod company. Investing in the Figur G15, the company will dramatically reduce production times while also having the flexibility of digital manufacturing to create complex shapes, efficient one-offs, or produce short-runs of designs.

The Figur G15 is the first commercially available machine tool platform to shape sheet metal on demand without custom tooling. Introduced at the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, the Figur G15 uses patent-pending DSF technology in which a software-driven ceramic toolhead on a gantry shapes standard sheet metal into parts with up to 2,000 lbs of forming force without tooling, with software that simplifies the creation of sheet metal part production.

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