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How Fives Group is Changing Composite Lay-Up with RoboDK

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✍️ Author: Alex Owen-Hill

πŸ”– Topics: Composite lay-up

🏭 Vertical: Aerospace

🏒 Organizations: RoboDK, Fives Group

Composite lay-up (a core step in the process of making a composite part) is traditionally a labor-intensive process. The process requires skilled technicians to create the parts needed using specialized tools and equipment. This is often slow and expensive, which limits the quantity of parts that composite manufacturers can make.

The Composites & Automated Solutions group at Fives has developed a technology that allows their customers to create composite parts using a robotic fiber placement head. This technology provides a lower-cost entry point into the composite lay-up process, making it easier for manufacturers to create the parts they need.

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Michelin and Fives’ AddUp: From Making Tires to Making Metal 3D Printers

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✍️ Author: Michael Molitch-Hou

πŸ”– Topics: Partnership

🏒 Organizations: Michelin, Fives Group, AddUp

In 2015, an announcement was made signaling the entry of a new, large player in the 3D printing industry. The Michelin Group and industrial engineering firm Fives launched a joint venture to develop metal 3D printing technology.

Upon looking into AM further, Ferreiro said the company was able to determine that it was possible to create better tires, with such features as improved grip resistance. The next step was figuring out the cost structure related to 3D printing tire molds, as well as whether or not it was even feasible to mass produce tires using these molds, leading the company to purchase some AM systems and begin testing.