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As an end-to-end IT solutions provider, we take on your organizations’ toughest challenges. Whether you’re looking to advance your company’s infrastructure engineering, business analytics, application development, or IT support, our experienced team members dedicate themselves to providing innovative outcomes for all your technological needs. With deep business and functional knowledge spanning across multiple industries, our experts continuously deliver breakthrough solutions for our Fortune 1000 clients.

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The Machine Economy is Here: Powering a Connected World

📅 Date:

✍️ Author: Megan Doyle

🔖 Topics: IIoT, machine learning, blockchain

🏢 Organizations: Flexon Technology, Allied Vision

In combination with the real-time data produced by IoT, blockchain, and ML applications are disrupting B2B companies across various industries from healthcare to manufacturing. Together, these three fundamental technologies create an intelligent system where connected devices can “talk” to one another. However, machines are still unable to conduct transactions with each other.

This is where distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain come into play. Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts (self-executing contracts between buyers and sellers on a decentralized network) make it possible for autonomous machines to transact with one another on a blockchain.

Devices participating in M2M transactions can be programmed to make purchases based on individual or business needs. Human error was a cause for concern in the past; machine learning algorithms provide reliable and trusted data that continue to learn and improve — becoming smarter each day.

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Vision Cameras Inspect Disk Drive Assemblies

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✍️ Author: Jim Camillo

🔖 Topics: quality assurance, machine vision

🏭 Vertical: Computer and Electronic

🏢 Organizations: Flexon Technology, Allied Vision

Once manufactured, an HDD is carefully fitted and sealed in a metal or plastic case. The case ensures that all drive components are perfectly secured in place and their mechanics work well over the lifetime of the product. It also protects the sensitive disks from dust, humidity, shock and vibration.

An HDD case must be defect-free and have perfectly machined thread holes to perform these functions, according to Somporn Kornwong, a manager at Flexon. In 2019 his company developed Visual Machine Inspection (VMI) for a manufacturer so it can quickly and thoroughly inspect each case it produces.

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