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Glimpse: Battery Scanning Company Raises $4 Million

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🏢 Organizations: Glimpse, Ibex Mobility, Flybridge Capital Partners

Glimpse – a provider of battery quality monitoring solutions for battery producers and electric mobility companies – announced its official launch and initial capital raise of $4 million. The company also announced the release of its high-throughput battery X-ray scanning service.

Glimpse raised $4 million in seed funding from venture capital firms Ibex Mobility and Flybridge Capital Partners and a syndicate of battery and EV angel investors. And the company’s three co-founders, who have collectively worked at Tesla, Toyota, and various electric mobility startups – bringing over 25 years of experience in several aspects of battery technology, including cell design, modeling, and manufacturing.

Glimpse developed a scalable, collaborative, and cost-efficient battery quality monitoring platform to help battery producers and buyers save billions of dollars in production scrap, battery pack field failures, and fleet recalls. And to address the challenge of enabling battery quality at scale, Glimpse harnesses X-ray CT scanning, the industrial equivalent of CAT scanning used in the medical field. The company’s timely launch aligns with the unprecedented Gigafactory and EV boom in the United States, driven by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) and Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

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🎛️ Flojoy Announces $1.3M in Seed Capital From Flybridge Capital Partners, Boreal Ventures, and BDC Capital

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Flojoy announces an oversubscribed seed round of $1.3 million USD from Flybridge Capital Partners, Boreal Ventures, and BDC Capital to disrupt the test, measurement, & control (TMC) market with its open-source, Python-based AI software. TMC is the bedrock of every research and development “hard-tech” laboratory and software enterprise. Over the past century, there would have been zero applied science and manufacturing progress without the invention of the computer and its application to sense and control physical spaces. Now, TMC UX will undergo a renaissance, building off of the last decade of open-source software innovation.

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