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Trinity Capital Inc. Provides $20 Million Equipment Financing to Formlogic

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🏒 Organizations: Formlogic, Trinity Capital

Trinity Capital, leading provider of diversified financial solutions to growth-stage companies, announced the commitment of $20 million in equipment financing to Formlogic, a provider of autonomous precision manufacturing services intended for space companies. Formlogic has factories located in Pittsburgh spanning over 50,000 square feet. This growth capital will enable the company to acquire new CNC machines and continue to scale operations.

Formlogic is changing how precision parts are sourced and manufactured by separating engineering from physical labor. Through a combination of remote AI-based planning and autonomous production, the company has created software that performs the simulations needed to produce effectively, replacing the guess-and-check method usually done by a skilled worker.

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Get ready for metamorphic manufacturing

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✍️ Author: Karen Haywood Queen

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🏭 Vertical: Machinery

🏒 Organizations: Formlogic, Machina Labs

A new wrinkle in blacksmithing is hailed as the third wave of the industry’s digitization.

Metamorphic manufacturing, also known as robotic blacksmithing, is poised to bring about faster time to market, less material waste, more available materials, less energy used and more control.

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