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Accelerate your robotics development. Foxglove Studio is an open source visualization and debugging tool for robotics. Use customizable layouts to arrange interactive visualizations and quickly understand what your robot is doing.

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Foxglove's $15M Series A and the Missing Data Stack for Robotics

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🏢 Organizations: Foxglove, Eclipse Ventures

I’m happy to announce our $15M Series A funding led by Eclipse Ventures. It’s an exciting time for Foxglove – thousands of robotics engineers use our software, and our user base has grown by over 8x in the past 12 months alone! But before we jump into details, I want to spend a minute reflecting on our mission and why it is so important.

Foxglove is building the data stack for robotics. Our platform combines open-source robot logging, data lake management, and visualization to streamline common robotics development workflows, increase collaboration, and ultimately help companies get robots to market faster. Our products are used by thousands of engineers, product managers, and operations teams, and we’re transforming development at some of the top companies across a range of industries, from autonomous vehicles (NVIDIA), logistics (6 River Systems), and autonomous forklifts (Third Wave Automation), to lawn mowing, sidewalk delivery, undersea exploration, fulfillment, and defense.

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Foxglove Raises $3.7M to Build Better Developer Tools For Robotics

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Developing and debugging robots today can be difficult, manual, and painfully time-consuming. At Foxglove, we’re on a mission to accelerate robotics development by bringing powerfully flexible, user-extensible, and fully integrated developer tools to the industry.

Today, we’re excited to announce that Foxglove has raised $3.7M in seed funding led by Amplify Partners. These funds will help our team make valuable progress towards our long-term mission – accelerating development for all the potentially world-changing robotics projects out in the wild today.

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