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Manchester, England, United Kingdom

VC-A; OTB Ventures

Fractory offers metal fabrication services online. We have a wide range of manufacturing partners who provide high-quality services for laser cutting, metal bending, CNC machining, etc. Just upload your CAD files to the platform to get an instant price! Our algorithm chooses a partnering supplier suitable for the job, considering availability, location and capabilities. We provide a full service from quoting to delivery. Fractory takes responsibility for each step of the process. The manufacturing is done according to ISO standards. All raw materials are certified according to standards.

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Design for Sustainability


Topics: Sustainability, Circular Economy

Organizations: Fractory

Typically, product designers select a few focuses, for instance, design for manufacturing (DFM), design for assembly (DFA) and design for reliability (DFR), and optimise those aspects of the product. Every design decision is evaluated in the light of the selected focus or focuses and relevant changes are then made taking the full life cycle of the product into account.

A sustainable alternative to this system is the circular economy. The main focus of this type of economic model is to reintroduce used parts as raw materials for new products. The intent is to move from a high-waste to a high-value model. Such a system is highly resource-efficient and reduces the effect of consumer demand on the exploration, pollution, and wastage of natural resources. Models such as biomimicry, cradle-to-cradle, product service systems (PSS), 4Rs, are all strategies that can provide design features to achieve a circular economy.

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Fractory Raises $9M to Rethink Manufacturing Supply Chain Metalworks


Topics: funding event

Organizations: Fractory

Founded in Estonia but now based in Manchester, England — historically a strong hub for manufacturing in the country, and close to Fractory’s customers — Fractory has built a platform to make it easier for those that need to get custom metalwork to upload and order it, and for factories to pick up new customers and jobs based on those requests. Fractory’s Series A will be used to continue expanding its technology and bringing more partners into its ecosystem.

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