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Gamaya addresses the need to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the farming business by deploying the world’s most advanced solution for mapping and diagnostics of farmland. Our vision is sustainable agriculture and global food security through universal digital access to agronomy knowledge and best farming practices.

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Hyperspectral imaging aids precision farming

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✍️ Author: Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

πŸ”– Topics: machine vision

🏭 Vertical: Agriculture

🏒 Organizations: Gamaya, FluroSat, ImpactVision

Remote sensing techniques have exponentially evolved thanks to technological progress with the spread of multispectral cameras. Hyperspectral imaging is the capture and processing of an image at a very high number of wavelengths. While multispectral imaging can evaluate the process with three or four colors (red, green, blue and near infrared), hyperspectral imaging splits the image into tens or hundreds of colors. By using the technique of spectroscopy, which is used to identify materials based on how light behaves when it hits a subject, hyperspectral imaging obtains more spectra of data for each pixel in the image of a scene.

Unlike radiography, hyperspectral imaging is a non-destructive, non-contact technology that can be used without damaging the object being analyzed. For example, a drone with a hyperspectral camera can detect plant diseases, weeds, soil erosion problems, and can also estimate crop yields.

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