Gauss Labs

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Primary Location San Jose, California, United States

Financial Status VC-Seed; SK Hynix

Gauss Labs aims to revolutionize manufacturing by building industrial AI systems beyond human capabilities. Founded in August 2020 with two international locations in San Jose, CA, and Seoul, Korea, Gauss Labs is home to Gaussians who are enthusiastic about pursuing this goal under balanced and inspiring leadership.

Assembly Line

Aiming for the Top in Industrial AI, SK’s First AI Company Gauss Labs

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🔖 Topics: metrology

🏭 Vertical: Semiconductor

🏢 Organizations: Gauss Labs, SK hynix

Gauss Labs has been developing AI solutions aimed at maximizing production efficiency using the massive amount of data generated at SK hynix’s production sites. SK hynix wishes to make the overall semiconductor production process more intelligent and optimized across all procedures including process management, yield prediction, equipment repair and maintenance, materials measurement, and defect testing and prevention.

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