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Towards Artificial Intelligence in Warehouse Automation

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🔖 Topics: Intralogistics, Warehouse Automation

🏢 Organizations: Crosser, GEBHARDT

GEBHARDT Fördertechnik was founded in 1952 as a mechanical engineering company and has a long-standing experience in developing and manufacturing of system solutions for intralogistics. With this broad range of knowledge GEBHARDT can deliver everything out of one hand: from planning, design, implementation and continuous support up to an optimally integrated solution for warehouse management.

When a shuttle is in motion, vibrations can occur due to used parts at the shuttle or at the high rack. These vibrations are recorded with sensors CMS01 – Gebhardt own development - and then correlated with the driving parameters which come from control units. The different sources are merged with Crosser modules on the Edge and are the basis for calculating the health status of a shuttle. In addition, the data act as input for inhouse developed predictive maintenance models. This approach minimizes the risk of failure and reduces maintenance costs.

GEBHARDT’S architecture is based on the idea of processing data directly at the edge, transferring only relevant data to the back-office system or the respective cloud solution. This saves money and allows fast processing. The data is read and processed directly at the sensors. Processing steps include time series harmonization, data enrichment or data quality improvements. The automatic learning of the system takes place in a specific step of the process chain. It was important for GEBHARDT to use standard components which can be configured easily. The software components for the implementation, execution and maintenance of the processing steps are carried out with the help of the tools from Crosser: Crosser Edge Node™ and Crosser Cloud™.

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