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China Unicom and Huawei Help Exquisite Automotive Deploy a Commercial 5G-Advanced Flexible Production Line

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Recently, China Unicom and Huawei began to help the Baoding Automation Technology Branch of Exquisite Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. (โ€œEAโ€) deploy a commercial 5G-Advanced flexible production line that features ultra-high reliability and ultra-low latency.

At Great Wall Motorโ€™s factory in Baoding, Hebei, 5G-Advanced equipment is being used in the car roof production line. Traditional industrial control relies on wired networks to realize the serial connection and control of terminal equipment. However, after a certain period of operations, wire abrasion in mobile application scenarios, such as robot arms, slide units, and swiveling tables, often results in production interruptions, causing an average of about 60 hours of downtime a year.

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