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ABB signs agreement to support major Power-to-X green hydrogen project in the US

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ABB is collaborating with Green Hydrogen International (GHI) on a project to develop a major green hydrogen facility in south Texas, United States. As part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ABB’s automation, electrification and digital technology will be assessed for deployment at GHI’s Hydrogen City project. The Power-to-X facility will use solar and onshore wind energy to power a 2.2 GW electrolyzer plant to produce 280,000 tons of green hydrogen per year, which will be turned into one million tons of green ammonia annually.

The project will utilize underground salt cavern storage, which is seen as an efficient way to store large volumes of hydrogen onshore1. The planned storage of up to 24,000 tons of green hydrogen will help balance out the intermittency of the renewable energy sources powering the operation and allow for a lower levelized cost of hydrogen.

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