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We aim to empower workforces to make better decisions—decisions that save lives, improve response times and tactics, and increase productivity. Guardhat is the world’s first and only comprehensive connected worker solution. It’s years ahead of the competition, but we are still in the beginning of the Guardhat story. The original idea behind Guardhat was forged in 2014, at a blast furnace melting iron at 2,700ºF, in Detroit. We were wearing the same hardhats as everyone else and knew there had to be a better way to ensure worker safety. So, we began our pioneering journey to transform worker safety and workplace productivity. Our experience in real-world industrial operations led us to develop the breakthrough Guardhat smart hardhat—with industrial sensors, advanced positioning technology, comprehensive communications, and more—all to achieve a simple goal: keep the brave people that make, power, and move the world around us safe and productive in every shift, every day. This was quickly followed by our hyper-accurate and dependable RTLS geolocation system that works beyond GPS, and more importantly, works in challenging and hazardous industrial environments. From there, we developed our marquee Industrial IoT (IIoT) platform to improve how data is collected, analyzed, and used in industrial workplaces.

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The Latest High-tech Sensing Improving Worker Safety


Manufacturing workers suffer injuries due to contact with objects, environmental exposure, and overexertion. Connected worker platforms seek to drive safety incidents to zero. Also, high fidelity physics simulation drives industry toward a sustainable future.

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👷 3M and Guardhat announce collaboration on connected safety

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Guardhat will bring 3M’s Safety Inspection Manager (SIM) into its Industrial Internet of People (IIoP) platform to accelerate product development.

This collaboration is expected to accelerate SIM enhancements while also evaluating new connected safety personal protection equipment (PPE) that aims to keep more frontline workers safe.

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