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Primary Location Hawthorne, California, United States

Financial Status VC-A; Lux Capital, a16z, Construct Capital, Founders Fund

America’s Space & Defense industry is bottlenecked by the capacity of a network of owner-operated machine shops that produce precision metal components. Hadrian is building a series of highly automated precision component factories across the US to enable Space & Defense manufacturers get parts 10x faster and halve the cost of making Rockets, Satellites, Jets & Drones.

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Hadrian Automation’s CEO wants to defy history and revitalize American industry

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✍️ Author: Aria Alamalhodaei

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Hadrian is targeting high-precision CNC machining, a manufacturing process where parts frequently require tolerances down to the micron level (a single human hair is anywhere from 50-120 microns in thickness). Power said the company is focused on automating the core, labor-intensive steps that start when the customer orders a part to that part being shipped — which includes programming the CNC cutting and inspection machines but extends well beyond that, to many other aspects of factory operations: scheduling, task management, paperwork.

The idea is to leverage software as much as possible up to around 80-90%, and leave the rest to humans, possibly forever; according to Power, this strategy still gives humans what are essentially superpowers without having to wait years to solve the hardest problems.

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🤝 Anduril Industries and Hadrian Announce Strategic Partnership

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Defense technology company Anduril Industries and Hadrian, a leader in advanced manufacturing, have announced a strategic partnership in which Hadrian will supply and manufacture precision parts for Anduril’s suite of autonomous systems.

Through the Anduril-Hadrian strategic partnership, Anduril will accelerate its production of key components and precision parts at scale, leveraging Hadrian’s proprietary design excellence and manufacturing competencies to reduce cost and lead time. Hadrian’s automated, software-first approach will provide Anduril with higher flexibility and improved scalability not seen with traditional defense manufacturing.

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Hadrian: Ex Machina Ad Lunam

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✍️ Author: Packy McCormick

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Hadrian is different than the companies we normally talk about in Not Boring. While it relies heavily on software, its main focus is in the world of atoms. It uses big machines to make precision parts for rockets and satellites. It blends automation and high-skilled labor.

It’s an incredible example of something we’re going to see a lot more of in the coming years (partially because Hadrian exists): startups tackling very hard, government-level problems in the physical world (and space). I’m very eager to see what happens as the worlds of bits and atoms continue to interact and co-evolve.

If Hadrian succeeds in its boldest missions, Americans will build hard things with speed once again, we’ll grow a new skilled labor force by making manufacturing cool, and freedom will reign among the stars. High stakes.

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