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Assembly Line

Learn how HEBI Robotics streamlined their supply chain with Fictiv, to increase speed and agility.

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With previous suppliers, HEBI was faced with significant quality, cost, and speed tradeoffs that created friction in their supply chain.

“We’ve passed up several hundred thousand dollar sales because we couldn’t produce the parts quickly enough,” said Bob Raida, Chief Operating Officer at HEBI Robotics. “Addressing those supply chain issues directly impacts the bottom line because we can deliver quickly and take advantage of new opportunities.”

“Typically, it took about a full day to hear back about lead times or where my parts were in the supply chain, all due to the time difference overseas,” Willig said. “Now, working with Fictiv, we can get instant communication. It really helps us quickly iterate, talk through things on our parts that may need to change, and even get updates on parts and shipments.”

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