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HighByte Announces Series A Raise to Accelerate Growth in Industrial DataOps Market

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HighByteยฎ, an industrial software company, announced its Series A funding round led by Standard Investments, a platform investing in innovative growth companies at the intersection of the digital and physical worlds. Standard Investments is leading the round with participation from existing HighByte investors, including Exposition Ventures, Maine Venture Fund, and outstanding convertible note holders. New funds will be primarily allocated across research and development, strategic partner management, and customer success to accelerate market penetration and expand deployments within existing accounts.

HighByte has developed a unique Industrial DataOps software solution, HighByte Intelligence Hub, that enables manufacturers to merge, prepare, and deliver modeled industrial data to and from IT systems without writing or maintaining code. Curating and contextualizing data at the edge is foundational to the success of advanced analytics and adoption of large language models in manufacturing. First released in 2020, HighByte Intelligence Hub has now been deployed in 18 countries by more than 60 industrial companies with multi-plant facilities.

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Element and HighByte Announce Partnership, Launch Solution Based on AWSโ€™s Industrial Data Fabric Architecture

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Element and HighByte, leading data management providers to global industrial companies, announced the launch of an integrated solution based on AWSโ€™s Industrial Data Fabric offerings. The solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allows information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) users to contextualize and normalize data into rich information for analytics and other business systems. The solution is designed to be maintained and scaled across the enterprise as the number of use cases that rely on industrial data grow exponentially.

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Connecting an Industrial Universal Namespace to AWS IoT SiteWise using HighByte Intelligence Hub

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โœ๏ธ Authors: Michael Brown, Aron Semle, John Harrington, Rajesh Gomatam, Scott Robertson

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๐Ÿข Organizations: HighByte, AWS

Merging industrial and enterprise data across multiple on-premises deployments and industrial verticals can be challenging. This data comes from a complex ecosystem of industrial-focused products, hardware, and networks from various companies and service providers. This drives the creation of data silos and isolated systems that propagate one-to-one integration strategy.

HighByte Intelligence Hub does just that. It is a middleware solution for universal namespace that helps you build scalable, modern industrial data pipelines in AWS. It also allows users to collect data from various sources, add context to the data being collected, and transform it to a format that other systems can understand.

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