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Our passion for all things technical was the basis for the foundation of a technology enterprise. Our pioneering role in the field of additive manufacturing allowed us to actively shape the market. Now we apply this wealth of experience from our entrepreneurial commitment in a targeted way. That is why the main focus of our investments is on establishing young enterprises as well as sustainable, successful business models. True to the motto “From entrepreneur to entrepreneur,” along with our capital and partner network we also offer expertise and experience. Trust, respect, and partnership: These are the core values we wish to use to create added value for other companies.

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Xolo’s Volumetric 3D Printing Gets €8M Boost

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🏢 Organizations: Xolo, HZG Group, Onsight Ventures

Xolo, the developer of the first commercial volumetric 3D printer, announced that it has successfully closed its latest Series A funding round, raising a total of €8 million ($8.6 million). This comes on the heels of a successful €2.5 million ($2.7 million) seed round in 2021 and follows the unveiling of its proprietary printers called Xube and xolography technology, a revolutionary new method to print any design in seconds. The funds will support xolo’s vision to “transform the 3D printing industry through the use of its revolutionary new xolography process.” The money will also ensure that the startup is well-equipped to expand and serve more cutting-edge academic and industrial research and development groups, as well as enter its first industrial market in the not-too-distant future.

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trinckle Scores €3M for 3D Printing Design Configuration Software

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🏢 Organizations: trinckle, HZG Group

3D printing software startup trinckle allows customers to create configurators for customizable 3D printed goods. This enables businesses to save time by automating their workflows. Its Paramate software make it possible to parametrically design customizable orthotics, grippers, production jigs, copper inductors, surf fins, optics, and jewelry.

Now, the company has raised €3 million to beef up its efforts in this area. trinckle hopes to use the money to grow its team and roll out its software worldwide. Interestingly, the round was led by HZG Group the investment fund run by the founders of Concept Laser (now owned by GE Additive), Kerstin and Frank Carsten Herzog.

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HZG Additive Manufacturing Tech Fund reaches €60M investment

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🏢 Organizations: HZG Group

HZG Group, a venture capital investor based in Germany, has completed an investment round resulting in €60 million for its HZG Additive Manufacturing Tech Fund, which will support Additive Manufacturing startups, primarily based in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland across all areas of Additive Manufacturing and related industrial fields.

The investment fund was reported to be significantly oversubscribed, initially having an upper limit of €50 million and later increased to €60 million. Following a €25 million investment by HZG Group founders Kerstin Herzog and Frank Carsten Herzog, the remaining funds came from entrepreneurs and other investors.

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