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The Advantages of a Data-Driven Culture for Food Production

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✍️ Author: Steven Burton

🏭 Vertical: Food

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Data-driven production does not look the same for every kind of product. The complexity of food and beverage processing puts it in another category that has unique needs for data management. Food processors need a solution that can interact with a range of production workflows, meet compliance and quality standards, bring operations into sync, and equip them for growth.

Data-driven decision-making is even more crucial for food and beverage manufacturers, who are operating in a complex global supply chain with thin margins and plenty of risk. According to CSIMarket, the gross profit margin for the food processing industry in 2022 currently rests at 19.2 per cent, which is lower than other industries (averaging 49.4 per cent). In such an environment, the advantages of quality, workable data for business success is difficult to understate, yielding valuable analytics to drive business agility and providing the means to build capacity in a scalable way for the future marketplace.

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