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Sixth Sense selects seven start-ups for its first cohort

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🏢 Organizations: Hexagon, Seven Hills, IconPro, SmartUQ, EyeFlow AI, Praemo, SmartParts, SMARTPM, RIIICO

Seven Hills was delighted to support the first pitch day from Sixth Sense by Hexagon, a virtual event that saw 13 smart manufacturing start-ups pitch their pioneering innovations to a panel of expert judges and a global audience of 300 manufacturing leaders.

The winning companies as voted by the judges and attendees were:

  • IconPro: Software which enables companies around the world to turn production data into sustainable value and growth.
  • SmartUQ: The premier supplier of Machine Learning (ML) software optimally designed for science and engineering applications.
  • EyeFlow AI: The No-Code SaaS platform to enable anyone to build Computer Vision application with AI in a simple, fast and intuitive way.
  • Praemo: Razor™ ingests data as-is from automation, quality, historian, maintenance, and other manufacturing systems delivering differentiating insights to drive next level Continuous Improvement.
  • SmartParts: Enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing by introducing an intelligent material that is scannable, traceable, and cloud-connected.
  • SMARTPM: AN engineering company focused on smart automation and optimization of industrial processes, based on in-depth knowledge of industrial and metrology processes.
  • RIIICO: Bringing factories into the 21st century with a collaborative planning platform that disrupts how managers visualize their physical spaces and equipment.

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