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IDEMIA: How a global leader in identity leverages AWS to improve productivity in Manufacturing

📅 Date:

✍️ Authors: Anthony Barré, Christophe Didier, Weibo Gu

🔖 Topics: IIoT, Cobot, Data Architecture

🏢 Organizations: AWS, IDEMIA

At IDEMIA, the flywheel started by prioritizing and grouping high-value and low-hanging use cases that could be implemented quickly and easily. The Cobot use cases were selected because they provided a clear business impact and had low technical complexity. Deploying these use cases in production generated a positive ROI in a short period of time for IDEMIA. It not only increased the profitability and efficiency of the industrial sites but also created a positive feedback loop that fostered further adoptions and investments. With the benefits generated from this initial use case, IDEMIA had the opportunity to reinvest in the IoT platform, making it more robust and scalable. This mitigated risks, lowered costs for the next use cases, and improved the performance and reliability of the existing ones. Demonstrating tangible benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions expanded adoption and engagement across IDEMIA’s organization, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

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