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How Infinited Fiber Raised $43m Amidst Textile Recycling Uncertainty

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In the wake of Renewcell’s bankruptcy announcement, some concluded that fashion brands weren’t ready to make the leap to adopting ‘circular textiles’, but IFC’s financing round hinged on brands purchasing in advance the majority of the recycled fiber capacity from the first years of the scaled factory’s output. So, how do Renewcell’s and IFC’s technologies and business models differ? How might IFC avoid the commercial challenges faced by Renewcell (who also count H&M as an investor)?

Infinited Fiber Company’s Co-founder and CEO, Petri Alava, went on to point out significant differences in the feedstock sources, funding and commercialisation model of IFC, compared to Renewcell. Regarding feedstocks, he explains: “we are obtaining post-consumer textiles discarded clothing, as well as dust airborne textile fibers from mechanical textile recycling factories in Turkey and North Africa. IFC has secured it’s used clothing and textile waste from Europe-based garment collectors and sorters.

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Infinited Fiber Company Successfully Completes EUR 40 million Development Financing Round

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Technology and fashion company Infinited Fiber Company has successfully completed a two-part development financing round totaling 40 million euros, with significant investments from new investors Inditex, TTY Management, Youngone and Goldwin, in addition to existing ones. After the development financing round, Inditex, TTY Management and H&M Group are the largest shareholders of Infinited Fiber Company.

Infinited Fiber Company is a Finnish technology and fashion company with a patented technology that turns cotton-rich textile waste, such as worn-out t-shirts, jeans, and production scraps into Infinna™, a virgin-quality, versatile textile fiber with the soft and natural look and feel of cotton. Infinna™ is biodegradable, contains no microplastics, and at the end of their life, garments made with it can be recycled in the same process together with other textile waste, enabling circularity in fashion.

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