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Experiment-Led Product Development

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✍️ Author: Hernan Badenes

πŸ”– Topics: Robotics, RobOps

🏒 Organizations: InOrbit

RobOps as a term did not exist even five years ago while InOrbit was being formed. So how did we get here? The truth is, robot manufacturers have been encountering the same pain points again and again as automation starts to move from controlled pilots to scaled realities. Strong RobOps means effective software solutions, but it also means interoperability, safety, harmony with humans in the real world, reliable incident management, a host of best practices, and useful analytics that can drive businesses forward on their robotics journey. These are concepts that require focused attention and dedicated investments. Robot manufacturers don’t have infinite time or resources to build the necessary supportive infrastructure that scaled operations require. Developing often complex tools to effectively solve robotics challenges requires a new approach.

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