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Invert Robotics provides remote robotic inspection services with unprecedented levels of safety, accuracy and speed. Our main focus is in the Food Production, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation and Energy industries. This is not an everyday job, but a job where safety and accuracy are paramount. Besides this, Invert Robotics comes together with an agile and inventive work environment. At Invert Robotics, we believe that it is a basic human right to work in a safe and sustainable environment where our health and safety is taken seriously by employers. Working in confined and hazardous spaces continues to cause serious injuries and fatalities worldwide. Our team at Invert Robotics is dedicated to developing technology that will change the future of industrial inspections in these environments. By using technology, we can perform tasks remotely and eliminate the risks involved in working in confined and hazardous spaces. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate the need for people to enter any confined and hazardous environments providing our children with a future which is safer, more colourful and sustainable.

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Invert raises €2.5m in additional funding as it eyes fresh expansion

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Dublin-headquartered Invert Robotics has raised a further €2.5 million in investment to help grow its new research and development function in Dublin. The latest round, which is in addition to a previous €10 million investment raised last year, was led by Irish EIIS fund Business Venture Partners (BVP) and US investor TechNexus Venture Collaborative.

Invert, which is chaired by former Aryzta chief executive Kevin Toland, uses robotics for non-destructive, high-precision inspections and testing in assets that are in dangerous or difficult to reach environments. Equipped with high-definition cameras and sensor technology to ensure scientific, accurate analysis of assets, clients can increase safety, reduce costs and speed up inspection times.

The robots can be used to inspect wind turbine blades both on and offshore, examine industrial scale tankers and spray dryers used to produce milk powder, coffee, vitamins and animal feed. Its clients include Danone, Lactalis, Heineken, Milei and DMK.

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🛣️ America’s Bridges, Factories and Highways Are in Dire Need of Repairs. Bring in the Robots.

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These days, Shell is able to keep the plant running, and keep repair personnel on the ground and at a safe distance as they operate wall-climbing robots that inspect things like steel holding tanks at millimeter resolution, says Steven Treviño, a robotics engineer at Shell. Using a variety of sensors, the robots can look for both corrosion and cracking. This helps the team shorten the list of things they have to take care of when a full shutdown occurs. The magnetic wall climbers Shell is using are made by a Pittsburgh-based startup called, appropriately, Gecko Robotics. After testing the Gecko robots at Geismar, Shell plans to expand their use to offshore facilities.

“There are hundreds of types of corrosion,” says Jake Loosararian, CEO of Gecko Robotics, “and we’ve been developing technology and software to analyze what kind of damage is happening.” Gecko began as a robotics company, but has since expanded into creating software to process the data its robots gather. The startup makes systems that are now used to track more than 60,000 assets across the globe, including power plants, pipelines, oil refineries, dams, U.S. Navy vessels and other military equipment.

When it comes to inspections, “often the data you need is literally in plain sight, it’s just hard to collect it,” says Bry, of Skydio.

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Invert Robotics Raises €10 Million in New Fundraising Round

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Invert Robotics, a global robotic inspection leader and technology pioneer headquartered in Dublin, Ireland has successfully secured approximately €10 million in new investment to facilitate accelerated growth through the development of further innovations and expansion into new sectors and industries. This latest funding round was led by Orlen VC, the corporate venture arm of PKN Orlen, Poland’s largest company and one of the leaders in European oil&gas and energy industries.

Orlen VC’s strategic investment in Invert Robotics will facilitate a deeper partnership between both parties whereby Invert Robotics shall cooperate with PKN Orlen’s to undertake its R&D activities as part of the continued development of its growing services to the chemical and energy sectors. In what is a highly complementary partnership, PKN Orlen will seek to leverage Invert Robotics’ pioneering technologies to provide greater efficiency and higher utilisation of infrastructure, while also delivering an immeasurably safer method of inspection for their complex and high value assets.

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