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Our Robotics-as-a-Service model knocks down the biggest barrier to entry for automation–massive infrastructure investment–by offering automation as a subscription-based service. Instead of cost-prohibitive CapEx, we provide autonomous robots, powerful software, and dedicated engineering expertise as a cost-effective, quickly-deployed service that integrates seamlessly into your current warehouse.

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You're Hired: Recruiting Mobile Robots


Author: Beth Stackpole

Topics: robotics

Organizations: Fetch Robotics, InVia Robotics, ROEQ, Universal Robots, Yaskawa

While industrial robots have been part of the automation mix for decades, key advances in sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), software, machine vision, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR), among other technologies, are coalescing to empower an emerging category of more capable mobile and collaborative robots that are easier to program, less expensive to deploy, and far more flexible in the kinds of tasks they can perform.

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