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Arsenal's Automation Solutions Platform Rebranded as Invio Automation

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🏢 Organizations: Arsenal Capital Partners, Eckhart, Invio Automation

Arsenal Capital Partners (“Arsenal”), a leading private equity firm that specializes in investments in industrial growth and healthcare companies, today announced the rebranding of its advanced automation solutions platform to Invio Automation (“Invio”). Formed through a combination of Eckhart, Inc. and Innovative Products & Equipment, Inc., Invio Automation provides high-value solutions to help customers accelerate growth in specialized markets including medical device, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing.

With its scaled engineering resources and end-to-end expertise in complex automation, the company aims to serve a targeted portfolio of growth markets supported by recognized and sustainable macro tailwinds. Invio works closely with innovative companies to design, build, implement, and maintain automation solutions in high-precision applications, leveraging a proven design library and over 500 experienced team members across 9 sites in North America and a global network of collaborative partners.

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