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Organizations: Toyota, Invisible AI, NVIDIA

Toyota Indiana is the first TMNA manufacturing site to implement Invisible AI technology at scale with an initial deployment of 500 edge AI devices in 2022. The partnership supports Toyota’s core philosophy of continuous improvement for safety, quality, and operational efficiencies. Invisible AI technology helps Toyota better understand manual assembly operations, which accounts for a majority of the work performed in manufacturing.

Invisible AI’s technology uses edge AI devices with a built in NVIDIA Jetson module, 1TB of storage and a high-resolution 3D camera to track all floor activity – without using the cloud or any bandwidth. This self-contained AI device processes body motion data to identify potential for high-stress injuries and prevent simple defects in real-time, which generates millions in savings for customers. The software is entirely anonymized and privacy-centric by design and can be deployed in 60 seconds without any coding or engineering expertise, allowing customers to scale to thousands of cameras with ease. As an NVIDIA Inception and Metropolis partner, Invisible AI continues to push the boundaries of computer vision.

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