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Italgas: from gas pipelines to data pipelines — Fueling our reporting with the latest innovations.

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✍️ Author: Serena Delli

🔖 Topics: Data Architecture

🏢 Organizations: Italgas, Databricks

Utilities is a data intensive sector for three main reasons: the core process of utilities consists in metering and billing the usage of gas (or water or electricity) for millions of customers, an intrinsically data rich activity, even when it was done entirely manually. Today the Italgas Nimbus smart meter remotely manages the metering of multiple types of gas for the same customer.

Exploring the latest advancements in data technologies, we experimented with two simplifications. Regarding the second simplification, the new Databricks native connectors to PowerBI allowed a seamless integration of the reports directly with the Lakehouse. Databricks SQL Warehouses were about 50% faster thanks to optimizations like Photon Engine, optimized caching, query routing, etc.

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