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The metaverse in infrastructure: Connecting digital and physical worlds

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🔖 Topics: Metaverse

🏢 Organizations: Bentley Systems, ITER

The ITER project, based in France involves some 35 countries collaborating to build a large-scale electricity generation facility based upon the same principle that powers our Sun and stars – nuclear fusion. When completed, this facility seeks to prove the feasibility of fusion as a utility-scale, carbon-free source of energy.

ITER wanted to virtually teleport people into the digital twin and experience it. The resulting solutions use multiple platforms, including NVIDIA Omniverse, Unreal Engine for Oculus, Bentley iTwin, and Azure Remote Rendering for HoloLens2. This combination allows engineering-grade, millimeter-accurate digital content to be visualized with physically accurate lighting and environmental effects on multiple devices and form factors such as web browsers, workstations, tablets, and virtual reality and augmented reality headsets from anywhere in the world.

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