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Born at JFK in 2000, JetBlue is now a global, award-winning travel company. Get to know us and our commitment to customers and communities.

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๐Ÿ“Š Accelerating Innovation at JetBlue Using Databricks

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โœ๏ธ Authors: Sai Ravuru, Yared Gudeta

๐Ÿ”– Topics: Data Architecture

๐Ÿญ Vertical: Aerospace

๐Ÿข Organizations: JetBlue, Databricks, Microsoft

The role of data and in particular analytics, AI and ML is key for airlines to provide a seamless experience for customers while maintaining efficient operations for optimum business goals. For a single flight, for example, from New York to London, hundreds of decisions have to be made based on factors encompassing customers, flight crews, aircraft sensors, live weather and live air traffic control (ATC) data. A large disruption such as a brutal winter storm can impact thousands of flights across the U.S. Therefore it is vital for airlines to depend on real-time data and AI & ML to make proactive real time decisions.

JetBlue has sped AI and ML deployments across a wide range of use cases spanning four lines of business, each with its own AI and ML team. The following are the fundamental functions of the business lines:

  • Commercial Data Science (CDS) - Revenue growth
  • Operations Data Science (ODS) - Cost reduction
  • AI & ML engineering โ€“ Go-to-market product deployment optimization
  • Business Intelligence โ€“ Reporting enterprise scaling and support

Each business line supports multiple strategic products that are prioritized regularly by JetBlue leadership to establish KPIs that lead to effective strategic outcomes.

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Shift5 Draws Investors, Raises $33M in Funding to Unlock Onboard Data in Commercial and Military Fleets and Weapon Systems

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๐Ÿ”– Topics: Funding Event

๐Ÿข Organizations: Shift5, Booz Allen, JetBlue

Shift5, the onboard data company, today announced it has raised $33 million in additional financing, bringing its Series B round to $83 million. Led by Moore Strategic Ventures, industry stalwarts across defense and commercial aerospace industries including Booz Allen Hamiltonโ€™s corporate venture capital arm, Booz Allen Ventures, and JetBlue Ventures, as well as Teamworthy Ventures, participated in the round, bringing the companyโ€™s total venture funding to $108 million. The fundraise comes amid significant business momentum; in the last year Shift5 more than doubled its annual recurring revenue (ARR), more than doubled its number of customers across Department of Defense (DoD) and commercial aerospace and rail sectors, and grew the rate of its platform deployments on commercial and DoD vehicles and weapon systems by 1,275%.

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