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We all want to spend less time traveling and more time living. At Joby Aviation, we’re making that possible with our pioneering electric aircraft. It’s a faster, cleaner, and smarter way to carry people through their lives. Powered by six electric motors, our aircraft takes off and lands vertically, giving us the flexibility to serve almost any community. Flying with us might feel more like getting into an SUV than boarding a plane.

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Joby Aviation to get investment from Tesla shareholder Baillie Gifford

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British investment management firm Baillie Gifford will invest $180 million in electric aircraft maker Joby Aviation (JOBY.N), they said on Wednesday. This comes days after Joby clinched a $55 million contract extension to deliver up to nine air taxis to the U.S. Air Force, marking the company’s first revenue-generating operations.

Unlike other electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) manufacturers, which plan to sell aircraft to customers such as airlines and logistics companies, Joby’s business model is similar to a rideshare app.

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Joby and Toyota Expand Partnership with Long-Term Supply Agreement for Key Powertrain and Actuation Components

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The agreement builds on the long-standing partnership between Joby and Toyota, which has seen the two companies collaborate on a wide variety of projects to support the production and assembly of the Joby aircraft, including advising on the design of Joby’s pilot production line in Marina, CA. Toyota is also Joby’s largest external shareholder, having invested around $400 million in the Company.

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